Welcome to Trilogiq South Africa

Since 1992, Trilogiq has been advising and supporting manufacturing companies committed to Lean Manufacturing,
providing a range of lean manufacturing principles and courses to help improve quality, lower costs and shorten delivery times.

LeanTek delivers the ideal way to implement this method effectively in every manufacturing environment. If fully integrated
as part of the production process flow within a lean manufacturing house, LeanTek can act as a catalyst for the policy
of waste reduction and as a tool for implementing the Lean 5s and Kaizen attitudes of continuous improvement in production logistics.

Inherently innovative and subject to continual development, LeanTek incorporates all the experience and requirements of its users.

Introduction to LeanTek assembly
Lean Manufacturing Courses
Kaizen Seminars
Consulting on Lean Manufacturing Principles

With its own engineering centre and in-house production resources, Trilogiq researches and designs its products in Europe and North America.

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